Rwandan Hope Project

lending a helping hand

The Rwandan Hope Project is part of a non-profit 501 (C)(3).  Its objective is to help the ’94 genocide surviving widows and orphans and street children in Rwanda by improving their health and standard of living through food and income generation in the form of a chicken farming business.


  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
  • Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling
  • Drive donations through engagement and conversion strategies
  • Create a custom WordPress website that is aligned with their brand direction and message
  • Create an overall aesthetic, content strategy and user experience to make the site more engaging and establish the message and essence of the non-profit


  • The Rwandan Hope Project had determined that in order to stay relevant, and engage with potential donors, they needed a brand- and a website! Never having one before, we knew a streamlined process for both front end and back end would be needed
  • The best solution was to put them on WordPress CMS
  • The objective was to create a clean, clear design that let their story connect and drive conversions. We created a new, user-driven content strategy to support their refreshed content

Style Concept

  • For The Rwandan Hope Project we knew we needed to build the color palette around a bold red using red to signify strength, love and energy
  • With the use of red and the softer colors around it, we knew it would give this site and brand a much needed foundation to build upon
  • The overall color palette, font, and imagery capture the essence of the project- while remaining modern, light and a simple user interface

Bringing it all together

The Rwandan Hope Project website feels fresh and inviting, and makes an immediate connection with its visitors. Key content like their project timeline and the impact of this project are easily discovered and browsable.

With and improved SEO foundation and responsive design, the site is a strong awareness and conversion tool to support their critical project. Helping save lives of many.

"My favorite thing about design is watching how people interact everyday with the final product that we create."

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