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NYID is a Los Angeles-based interior design firm, and is a nationally-recognized trusted partner for brands and individuals alike. Leaving an impression on all those that stay, and all those that visit, as the creator of a one of a kind space.

With more than 220 projects completed over the last 8 years, NYID has built a portfolio of unique projects, ranging from the strikingly innovative to the simply luxurious.


  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.
  • Improve brand equity and online reach through brand-based storytelling, thereby facilitating a shift towards a more exclusive image.
  • Ensure a mobile-first approach with fully accessible content. Navigation and performance established for current mobile best practices.
  • Drive awareness and understanding through SEO strategy.
  • Increase user engagement through enhanced site usability and searchability.


  • NYID was in need of a complete user experience overhaul in order to successfully engage visitors, capitalize on their full potential, and highlight their dense and impressive portfolio. 
  • Imagery and brand storytelling drove this web design project. Our initial focus was on creating the best structure with which to showcase their portfolio, to ultimately allow the client’s work to do the talking.
  • This redesign project required creating a more streamlined framework, a customized design, and an improved content strategy.

Style Concept

  • As a guide for the design of NYID’s new website, we took inspiration from the brand’s portfolio, and used a dark color palette to highlight the exclusivity of the brand. Sharp contrast tones were used in a complementary but sparing manner.
  • Bigger, bolder use of the company’s eye-catching photography enhanced their storytelling capability, hooking visitors, and leading a higher level of engagement with key content and a notable uptick in the amount of time each visitor spends on the site.
  • The overall look and feel capture and communicate the essence of the NYID brand as modern, clean, and elegant.

Bringing it all together

  • The new NYID website is sleek yet simple, with a significantly more fluid user experience than that of their former site.
  • With increased visual storytelling, the site conveys their strong and exclusive brand.
  • The content structure is simple, intuitive, and purpose-driven.
"My favorite thing about design is watching how people interact everyday with the final product that we create."

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