Aligned Capital

The next frontier is ourselves

Aligned Capital is an investment firm focused on anticipating civilization-scale transformations and investing in their core technologies.

They believe that an aligned funding layer for the technologies driving large-scale change is a chance to shape the future for the better.


  • Create a custom website and custom branding elements that clearly represent the client’s brand direction and message.
  • Drive brand awareness for investors through digital engagement with their mission.
  • Place a strong focus on the company’s core team.
  • Design a streamlined aesthetic, content strategy and user experience.



  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.
  • Bring to life a clean, clear design to both highlight and support the company’s objectives.
  • Craft the site using mobile-first best practices, with a focus on a streamlined user experience and the overall goal of both educating and piquing the interest of key investors.


Style Concept

  • We opted to build the color palette around a deep purple, in order to signify power, nobility, luxury and ambition, and convey trust and wisdom.
  • The softer colors supporting the rich shade of purple give this site and brand a much needed foundation to build upon.
  • The overall color palette, font, and imagery capture create the brand without detracting from the messaging or mission.

Bringing it all together

Aligned Capital’s website feels fresh and inviting, and makes an immediate connection with visitors.

Key content is easily discovered and browsable, making the site a strong awareness and conversion tool to support both their growth and awareness objectives.

"My favorite thing about design is watching how people interact everyday with the final product that we create."

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